10 Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials Video Editors Need to Watch

Learn from these 10 Premiere Pro tutorials. We start with Premiere Pro timeline navigation and sum up with export settings.

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Let me introduce you to 10 Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials I think can make a big difference in your workflow. Even if some of the topics are familiar, these guys give some really good tips along the way. Check it out.

#1. Easy Timeline navigation in Adobe Premiere Pro

Timeline navigation is crucial in any editing software. Colin walks you through useful shortcuts and explains how you should navigate your timeline.

Video via VideoRevealed


#2. How To Start A New Edit & Not Get Stuck

If you don’t know This Guy Edits, I wonder where you have been. Seriously, his channel is a must to follow for any editor, regardless of platform and experience level. In the following video, Sven talks about methods you can use to avoid editor’s block. Very useful and thoughtful.

Video via This Guy Edits


#3. The 5 Skills You Need to Be a Successful Video Editor

Being a video editor is not only about using the right software. Justin talks about 5 skills that most video editors have in common. It’s as important to learn about what makes good editor as to learn about software and different cutting methods.

Video via Justin Odisho


#5. How to SYNCHRONIZE & MERGE Audio with Video

We talked about audio sync in Premiere Pro in the previous post, but this topic is important since synchronization is editor’s daily bread. Very good video from Jason Boone on that topic!

Video via Boone Loves Video


#5. 6 Premiere Pro Timeline Tips

Yet another video from Jason. It’s about using timeline timecode, clip and timeline markers, tracks preset, and so on. Combine these together and it really makes a difference in your workflow.

Video via Boone Loves Video


#6. 7 tips to gain editing speed

In this tutorial, I’m introducing you to 7 tips that should speed up your workflow. Also, there is my Project Template file you can download and use for your own projects.  

Video via Piotr Toczyński


#7. Awesome TRANSITIONS to make your videos BETTER!! Premiere Pro Tutorial

Any time the subject of transitions comes up, a lot of editors get very excited. Very well known Peter McKinnon is the master of transitions and it’s really worth listening to what he has to say on the topic.

Video via Peter McKinnon


#8. Film Editing: How to Drive Drama & Conflict in a Scene

Next one from Sven, since he really is the guru. After all, editing is all about building a tempo and a conflict in the scene.

Video via This Guy Edits


#9. How To Use Project Manager in Adobe Premiere

When you’re done with your project, you probably need to archive it. This tutorial is from Brian Hunt and he walks you through Project Manager feature.

Video via Brian Hunt


#10. How to export 4K video in Premiere Pro CC for YouTube, Vimeo, & Facebook

If you’re done with your video, you need to export it. Most of the time it’s for the web. Matt Johnson goes into great detail on exporting 4K source. Obviously, you can use this knowledge for 1080p projects as well.

Video via Matt WhoisMatt Johnson


Watching this 10 Premiere Pro tutorials should boost up your editing efficiency. If you want to watch more interesting Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials, you can also check out our blog post about project organization. And if you’re ready to put your knowledge into practice, read out the tips to make Demo Reel that stands out.

I really hope it was useful. Let us know down in the comments which tutorial has taught you the most!

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