Library Panel in Pr and AE

Learn how you can use Library Panels in Premiere Pro and After Effects to synchronize your creations, search for assets, level up your production quality and earn the money.

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What are Libraries for?

Let’s start by discussing why would you want to use Libraries. Well, there are 3 main reasons for that.

First of all, it helps you organize your assets. You can create as many libraries as you want and organize it based on the project, type of the media etc. It’s best to combine it with other ways to organize your work in Premiere Pro.

The second reason is convenient reusability of the assets. Let’s say you use your photo for any video that you make. Libraries make it easily accessible anywhere you’re logged in to your Creative Cloud account. You can be on the other side of the world and still have access to your files in the same place in Premiere Pro or After Effects. In my opinion, that’s just awesome.

The third main reason is the ability to quickly share your assets and creations with other filmmakers, editors, and collaborators. To manage sharing options, click panel menu icon and choose ‘Collaborate’.

Creative Cloud libraries work with almost any mobile and desktop app from Adobe. As well as across different computers and projects. For me, the accessibility to library files from other devices and anywhere in the world is the best. Sure, you can use any cloud-based system for it, but I’d rather have it in the same place of the software everytime I use it than to install additional applications and deal with files I don’t use on daily basis.


Premiere Pro and After Effects Libraries in Action

In Premiere Pro you can add Looks based on the Lumetri Settings of the selected clip straight to the library. Click the ‘Plus’ icon and there is the button which lets you ‘Add’ Look preset.

Also, you can use mobile app Adobe Hue CC for that purpose. It automatically synchronizes with your Creative Cloud account. So you can take a picture with the app, create the look based on it and apply it to the clip in Premiere Pro or After Effects.

If you don’t see new looks in the app right away, click synchronization icon in the lower right corner.

Another very important feature of the library panel is the access to Adobe Stock. You can search for photo, video, templates, and so on, directly in Premiere Pro or After Effects. If you find something you like, you can drag preview file directly to the sequence or composition. When you’re sure that’s something that will work for your project, it’s extremely easy to license it and preview file will be automatically replaced by licensed media.

It can be really helpful for any project you’re working on. For example, if you need to find graphics to put in your Demo Reel, Adobe Stock in Library Panel will be great!

Here are some detailed pieces of information about Libraries across Adobe applications.

Earn the profit

Now it’s time to talk about how Adobe gives you chance to earn money. Yep, that’s right. You can add your own creations to Adobe Stock! Of course, they need to be reviewed first but once they are, you get paid everytime someone licenses your creation. Also, Premiere Pro has a feature that allows you to publish media straight from the software.

First, select in point and out point for your video. Then open Export Media window and go to Publish tab. There you’ll find ‘Adobe Stock’ and once you’re logged in, you can publish straight to Adobe Stock service.

Here’s Terry White talking about that topic in a great detail:


I hope that if you’re afraid of Libraries panel in Adobe applications, now you feel ready to give it a try. It can honestly save you a lot of time, help to find the assets for your next project and lets you share creations with others. I really think it could be the topic for the eleventh tutorial every editor should know. Will you contribute to Adobe Stock yourself? Which feature of Library panel is most exciting to you? Let us know down in the comments!

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