What it takes to be a good Production Coordinator

Production Coordinators lets everything fall into place before production starts, on set and after the shoot has ended.

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A Production Coordinator fits between many moving parts of a production, whether it’s a movie or advert. You will play a vital role during the planning, on set and after the production has successfully been completed. You wear many hats, and because of this, you will find yourself in situations you’ve never been.  Furthermore, how you handle these situations will define the direction of your professional career. 
You need to be a person that thrives under pressure, multi-task and work in a team setup. It’s not a regular 9 to 5 job. A production coordinator doesn’t just show up, do the job, and get paid a salary. You are going to have to take charge by making difficult decisions, delegate straightforward instructions, and clearly voice your opinion.

What skills do you need to be a good Production Coordinator?



Taking a leadership position and giving instructions. You are the point of contact for most people on set. Crew members will be coming to you if there’s an issue, and you need to find solutions and communicate that to the relevant members. 


You need to be organized. You must have everyone’s contact details on hand, make sure everything arrives on time, everything is in its correct position and the crew knows what is happening for the day. You need to know all the details on your call sheet like the back of your hand. Even though it’s often thought that the producer is the person that makes it all happen, it’s mostly the Production Coordinator that makes sure the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.


In a production team, like most businesses, there is a hierarchical structure. But, in the movie-making business, there are almost kingships at play. Not everyone can talk to the Director. They are busy with creative executions and shouldn’t be disturbed by any mundane questions. Know the hierarchy, know your place in it, and lead from there.  


It’s not for everyone. It’s loaded with intervals of high-pressure scenarios, but with that comes great satisfaction when everything happens as it should because of your doing. You need to be tenacious, be ready to solve a problem in a heartbeat and work with your team in a way that earns you respect from them. 
If you’d like to have a more detailed idea of what a Production Coordinator does, you can go to howtofilmschool.com that gives a great breakdown of what tools you’ll need and how to do each task. 

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